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Nokia 770 and ICQ alebo how that works


I read a lot of questions at internet discussions. Everybody wants ICQ client in their Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. At the first, few facts, this device is runnig on platform Maemo (linux) and software like ICQ klient doesnt exist at this time. So step by step. At the first you must install Maemo Gaim messenger and then install Maemo Gaim Protocol oscar, thats protocol which spport ICQ and AIM messaging. After first start Gaim messenger you can manage your accounts, you can use more than one account in the time with different statuses. My recommendation is buy bluetooth keyboard for comfortly used your toy. Install maemo-bt-plugin, utility for connect any humain interface device with your tablet.

Predpokladám že každému slovákovi, ktorý si zabezpečil túto hračku a potrebuje tam rozbehať ICQ stačí jedna veta a to nainštalovať Gaim messenger a potom protokol Oscar, ktorý obsahuje AIM a ICQ.

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